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Mobile Dental Clinic

Mobile Dental Clinic

There are many reasons why Mobile Dental Clinics are important. First and foremost, they provide access to oral health care for underserved and vulnerable populations who may not otherwise have access to dental care.

This particular client ask for a Mobile Dental Clinic with: 40′ Long Module with to wall expandable, 8 Premium Chair with all tools necessary to have and active practice, vacuum, suction, 360˚ x-ray, and much more.


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Benefit of the Mobile Dental Clinic

Mobile dental clinics are fast and efficient because they are operated by dentists in their native surroundings. These clinics visit villages nearby, providing dental services to people living out of cities.


The clinics provide necessary services such as tooth extraction, root canal treatment, bridge building and crown finishing. And educate people on the importance of good oral health care.

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