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Our Companies

Among our portfolio of companies are bio-engineers, construction developers, experienced technology consultants, and so much more. As a result, we aim to deliver the highest quality products to our clients by integrating all of them.

Vertisa Modular Systems

VERTISA MODULAR SYSTEMS we design planning, and execute medical-related turnkey projects throughout the globe. VERTISA MODULAR SYSTEMS develop Mobile Hospitals projects and fast deployable solutions! Ready for Covid, Mobile or modular Dialysis, ICU, Dental, Laboratories, Mobile Field Hospitals, and much more medical solutions. 

Vertisa Trailers

VERTISA TRAILER combine Technology and Mobility. We are designing the most suitable trailer-based mobile units for everyone’s field of expertise and industry, where there are no borders! We combine mobility and technology in line with your needs.

Vertisa Medical Waste

VERTISA MEDICAL WASTE is a young and dynamic company which has been formed with individuals who have vast experience in the Medical Waste Sterilization business. VERTISA MEDICAL WASTE develops complete medical waste sterilization related solutions for hospitals, clinics and industrial size medical waste treatment facilities in general.

Vertisa Autoclave Systems

VERTISA AUTOCLAVE is a manufacturer of autoclave with more than 25 years of experience. Our autoclaves have been operating in more than 60 countries and in hundreds of facilities and industries such as Glass Lamination, Automotive, Tire Retreading, Food, Pharmaceutical and Textile, Composite, Rubber Curing, and Construction.

Vertisa Construction

VERTISA CONSTRUCTION aims to raise the bar of quality with every construction development, while creating areas that add value to people’s lives.

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