Natural Disaster and Mobile Hospitals and Clinics

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The health system brings Mobile Hospitals or Mobile Clinics directly to the patient to help decrease overcrowding and transport.

Disasters such as an earthquake, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and an epidemic usually lead to large numbers of casualties accompanied by disruption of the functioning of local medical institutions. That’s why it’s important we look towards more rapid response systems that can reach these people and help them in times of need. That’s why must put our focus on Mobile Hospitals and Modular Clinics.

A fast response of medical assistance and support is required. Mobile Hospitals or Mobile Clinics have been deployed by national and international organizations in disaster situations in the past decades, which play an important role in saving casualties and alleviating the shortage of medical resources.

One of the biggest benefits of Mobile Hospitals, Mobile Clinics, and Modular Houses for disaster relief is their scalability and flexibility. Whether you’re recovering from a natural disaster or a pandemic, there’s a Mobile or Modular solution ready to use. Many government agencies and recovery organizations use temporary Mobile and Modular systems as swing spaces during the disaster recovery process. Because emergency Modular Clinics and Mobile Hospitals are so portable, they allow these groups to provide relief in the field where it’s needed most.

Emergency Management with Mobile Hospital and Modular Clinic how does it works?

Instead of transporting large numbers of patients and overwhelming to hospitals, the Mobile Hospitals, and Modular Clinics are all included ready-to-deployments systems that bring a hospital to the patients.

Main Benefits during a disaster:

  • Allocated the service in one centric place
  • Medical brigades scattered throughout the city
  • Rapid response from minutes to the disaster pass over
  • Auto-sustainable equipment with water and electricity
  • Fast-Deployment of health care

Type of Hospital or Clinic:

  • Mobile (Truck Base, Sprinter, Van)
  • Modular (Truck Base, On Terrain)
  • Tent (Can be combined with Module)
  • Boat


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