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Neiva Colombia PROMED P500

Neiva Colombia PROMED P500

Through our Office VERTISAColombia, we installed and delivered our PROMED P500 with a range capacity from 175 Kg/H.The installation of this advanced Medical Waste Facility, equipped with the state-of-the-art PROMED P500, marks a significant step towards efficient and sustainable management of medical waste in the community. ServiAmbiental S.A. E.S.P. is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for environmental challenges, and this collaboration exemplifies our dedication to promoting a cleaner and healthier future for the people of Neiva and Colombia


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Industrial System Promed P-500

Vertical pre-shredder system. Ideal for Large size Hospitals and Industrial Automatic elevator system for easy loading. Sophisticated automation control system with advanced reporting and monitoring software

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