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Health on Wheels

Mobile Hospitals are turnkey and fast deployable solutions! Ready for Covid, Mobile or modular Dialysis, ICU, Dental, Laboratories, Mobile Field Hospitals, and much more medical solutions.

Medical Waste

VERTISA ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. is an innovative company developed by individuals with extensive experience in the Medical Waste Sterilization industry.Vertisa develops complete medical waste sterilization related solutions for hospitals, clinics and industrial size medical waste treatment facilities in general.

Technology and Mobility

We are designing the most suitable trailer-based mobile units for everyone’s field of expertise and industry, where there are no borders! We combine mobility and technology in line with your needs


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Our Brand

As a solid young company with more than 25 years of manufacturing experience, VERTISA serves the industrial sector as well as the medical and health care industry. Our products range from autoclave to medical waste systems to portable modular hospital. We at VERTISA commit to providing our clients with the most advanced products and services available.

Our President

Peter Hegyi is the founder and CEO of VERTISA CEVRE. VERTISA aims to transform the medical industry for the better, with a keen focus on efficiency, technology, and sustainability. It is through his dedication that we are able to see how VERTISA has improved lives and communities throughout the world.

Our Executive VP

Axel Lopez is a Marine Corps Veteran and the co-founder and CEO of VERTISA USA. During his 25 years in the health industry, he has overseen all growth initiatives throughout Latin America, as well as all sales and new market expansion endeavors. Achieving Vertisa’s goal of remaining a leading innovator in the health care industry.

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Medical Waste 

Medical Waste  November 4, 2022 Health organizations and producers of medical waste the amount of waste they produce daily, depending on the

Natural Disaster and Mobile Hospitals and Clinics

Natural Disaster and Mobile Hospitals and Clinics November 4, 2022 The health system brings Mobile Hospitals or Mobile Clinics directly to the

Mobile Armored Guard House

Mobile Armored Guard House November 4, 2022 The mobile armored guard house is designed to take security measures against a possible threat of armed


As a result, we have more than 150 employees and more than 70K square feet of space devoted to 12 industrial warehouses. These warehouses are designed to develop a 100 bed 3 story modular hospital in only 3 to 6 months as a sample.



Integrity and trust: As a family, we act with rights and a sense of justice in our business and principles.


Environment: We aim to make the environment more sustainable and livable through the implementation of environmentally friendly methods.


Development: We dedicate all our energy to improving human life. Our priority is always to ensure that our employees, customers, and everyone we touch through our values is happy and fulfilled.


Our Employees: Regardless of the circumstances, we maintain our commitment to our organization, our goals, and the projects we believe will further human welfare.


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