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Nicaragua Miliraty Hospital

Nicaragua Military Hospital

The Military Hospital of Nicaragua has acquired our NEW model PROMED P150. This system has been improved by our engineers in order to have better performance. At VERTISA, we are committed to improving and protecting the environment, and with this system we are once again at the forefront with first-class technology.


The new PROMED P150 not only has a modern and elegant design, its processing is more efficient as the change of doors makes the solution better and safer. Although its waste processing capacity is the same, the system is even more compact, its computerized interface is now more user friendly, and its doors slide automatically making the work more productive and simple. This benefits the hospital by reducing the amount and toxicity of waste generated and ensures that waste management is safer for staff.


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In addition, the PROMED P150 has a real-time monitoring system that allows waste managers to be aware of the status of the equipment and take preventive measures if necessary. This ensures greater efficiency and safety in the handling of hospital waste.

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